Lluis Capdevila grew up by the vineyards of EL PRIORAT, near the Mediterranean Sea (Catalonia, Northeast of Spain). His search for freedom, expression and creativity soon connected him to improvisation and composing. Jazz music brought him to New York, where he attended the Aaron Copland School of Music -with the help of a Fulbright grant- and received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Stony Brook University.

Based in Manhattan, he shared the stage with established musicians Ray Anderson, Ugonna Okegwo and Elliot Zigmund and emerging talents Stan Killian, Bryan Copeland and Kush Abadey in venues like the 55 Bar, Whynotjazz, Harlem Tavern and Cleopatra’s Needle.

His debut album DIASPORA (2016 release) features his original compositions and the talents of Petros Klampanis (bass) and Luca Santaniello (drums).


  • “Lluis Capdevila is a wonderful musician. His caring for others come thru in his music. Keep playing and composing Lluis, the music world needs you.”Sheila Jordan, NEA Jazz Master vocalist
  • “He is very intelligent, musically gifted, passionate and eager to learn and learns quickly because of his intense focus on what he is doing”Sophia Rosoff, founder of the Abby Whiteside foundation, educator and pianist
  • “I have found him to be very diligent and dedicated to the music. He has shown the endurance necessary to accomplish what is necessary”Barry Harris, NEA Jazz Master pianist
  • “Diaspora is an absolutely lovely display of the glories of a piano trio. The moods are nostalgic and melancholy yet hopeful, sad yet also playful. This wonderful recording seems to celebrate both the old and new worlds”Donald Elffman, The New York City Jazz Record
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  • “Lluis Capdevila is gifted with a rare musical talent and has demonstrated a potential to become a world-class performer. He is always respectful, diligent, serious and a hard working musician.”Valery Ponomarev, trumpeter and member of the Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers
  • “Lluis Capdevila is a wonderful musician. His caring for others come thru in his music. Keep playing and composing Lluis, the music world needs you.”Sheila Jordan, NEA Jazz Master vocalist
  • “Capdevila is a smart and sensitive composer and those qualities inform his playing as well”Donald Elffman, The New York City Jazz Record
  • “He is already an excellent pianist and composer with limitless potential for further development”David Berkman, Lecturer in Jazz studies at Queens College.
  • “Beautiful swinging sets”Maher, Cleopatra's Needle owner
  • “A lyrical delight to listen to, Lluis’s music is full of joy, warmth, and soul.”Ray Anderson, trombonist and Director of Jazz Studies at Stony Brook University





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1jul20:30- 21:45Amb Laura Garí - ALTAFUJAZZ (ALTAFULLA, TARRAGONA)
2jul12:30- 14:00Llula a l' Escorça - La Selva del Camp
4jul19:30- 21:00Rodríguez-Capdevila-Sáez - Centre Cívic Vilaflorida (Barcelona)
6jul21:00- 23:00amb Laura Garí - Mostra de Jazz de Tortosa (Tarragona)
15jul21:00- 23:00LLULA a les Agulles (Marçà, Tarragona)
22jul21:00- 23:00Duet amb Laura Garí - La Figuerola del Camp (Tarragona)
28jul21:00- 23:00Lluis Capdevila trio al Bar la Sènia - Marçà (Tarragona)
29jul22:00- 23:30LLULA i el Nen - lloc a determinar (Gandesa)
30jul20:30- 21:45Solo Piano - Keyboard Jazz Lounge (Reus, Tarragona)


4aug19:00- 21:00AMB RCS. Divendres Divins (Marçà, Tarragona)
5aug22:00- 23:30Soul Machine - Andorra
18aug21:00- 23:00Layover a les Agulles - Marçà (Tarragona)
19aug22:00- 23:30Lluis Capdevila trio - Mas Ardèvol (La Morera del Montsant)
20aug20:00- 21:30Lluis Capdevila trio - Jardins de la Palma (Reus)
26aug21:00- 23:00Lluis Capdevila trio al Clos Figueras (Gratallops, Tarragona)
28aug18:30- 19:15Lluis Capdevila a la Biblioteca Pere Anguera - Reus (Tarragona)