Lluis Capdevila (1981) grew up by the vineyards of PRIORAT in the Mediterranean Sea (Catalonia, Northeast of Spain). Since early childhood, freedom of expression and creativity connected him to composing and improvising in such a way that even though he pursued a Degree in Law (Barcelona) and a Master’s in Intellectual Property Law (Stockholm), he abandoned that path to focus exclusively on music. Jazz brought him to New York, with the help of a Fulbright grant, where he studied at the Aaron Copland School of Music and received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Stony Brook University. In New York City he has collaborated with established musicians and emerging talents in various venues. DIASPORA (2016) is his debut album and features original compositions inspired by his the New York exeriences and the dispersion of his generation, as many left their home country looking for a job opportunities. Petros Klampanis (bass) and Luca Santaniello (drums) joined him in a piano trio recording that has received excellent reviews in the United States and Spain, and left more than fifty concerts. CINEMATIC RADIO (2019) features his original music in a more intimate setting with Petros Klampanis (bass, loops and percussion) and has the collaboration of Tom Harrell (flugelhorn) in one tune. The music is inspired by moods that recall cinema and addressed to a wider audience. In his latest piano album, ETIM (2020), Lluis goes back to his roots to compose during seven months at the  Falset Wine Cathedral (Priorat), with his grand piano surrounded by wine in casks and bottles.


  • “Lluis Capdevila is a wonderful musician. His caring for others come thru in his music. Keep playing and composing Lluis, the music world needs you.”Sheila Jordan, NEA Jazz Master vocalist
  • “He is very intelligent, musically gifted, passionate and eager to learn and learns quickly because of his intense focus on what he is doing”Sophia Rosoff, founder of the Abby Whiteside foundation, educator and pianist
  • “I have found him to be very diligent and dedicated to the music. He has shown the endurance necessary to accomplish what is necessary”Barry Harris, NEA Jazz Master pianist
  • “Diaspora is an absolutely lovely display of the glories of a piano trio. The moods are nostalgic and melancholy yet hopeful, sad yet also playful. This wonderful recording seems to celebrate both the old and new worlds”Donald Elffman, The New York City Jazz Record
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  • “Lluis Capdevila is gifted with a rare musical talent and has demonstrated a potential to become a world-class performer. He is always respectful, diligent, serious and a hard working musician.”Valery Ponomarev, trumpeter and member of the Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers
  • “Lluis Capdevila is a wonderful musician. His caring for others come thru in his music. Keep playing and composing Lluis, the music world needs you.”Sheila Jordan, NEA Jazz Master vocalist
  • “Capdevila is a smart and sensitive composer and those qualities inform his playing as well”Donald Elffman, The New York City Jazz Record
  • “He is already an excellent pianist and composer with limitless potential for further development”David Berkman, Lecturer in Jazz studies at Queens College.
  • “Beautiful swinging sets”Maher, Cleopatra's Needle owner
  • “A lyrical delight to listen to, Lluis’s music is full of joy, warmth, and soul.”Ray Anderson, trombonist and Director of Jazz Studies at Stony Brook University
  • “The compositions on pianist Lluis Capdevila’s new recording are gloriously of a piece—elegant, sensual, soulful and smart. Accompanied by just bassist Petros Klampanis (also on percussion), with Tom Harrell on flugelhorn on one track, Capdevila plays quietly and simply with a ‘cinematic’ sense of line and space. Think of the recently departed Michel Legrand and the way he blended popular, jazz, classical and film music elements and you’ll get a sense of how Capdevila approaches composition and improvisation here. Even the tunes that have a bit of a bounce brilliantly settle into serene romantic grooves.” Doland Elfman, The New York City Jazz Record.

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Cinematic Radio, min. 46









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Director del Máster en Interpretación y Composición de Jazz y Música Moderna de la Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.

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june 2021

14jun - 15All DayLluís Capdevila trio - Album Recording @Sierra Studios - Athens (Greece)

july 2021

6jul21:00- 22:00Cinematic Radio - Cercedilla - Madrid
15jul19:30- 20:40Jam Session - Reus Jazz Cava - Reus (Tarragona)

august 2021

10aug22:00- 23:10ÈTIM - LA SEU D'URGELL (LLEIDA)



With ÈTIM (2020), Capdevila goes back to his roots traveling to the town where he grew up, Falset (Priorat) to seclude himself for seven months in a centennial modernist cooperative winery, an architectural work of César Martinell, who was a distinguished student of Gaudí. With a grand piano surrounded by wine aging in barrels and bottles, he has developed a personal project that explores the communication between his music and wine from a clear premise: if music is capable of changing a person’s mood, why can not influence wine in any way during its aging, that is, during its aging in a barrel or in a bottle? The result has been a revelation, starting with his album full of compositions inspired by the wine world, which were created from the emotions of returning to his hometown after a long period in New York City which had began with a Fulbright grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture. It has also been a revelation as the wine exposed to his music has improved differently from its silent testimony, according to VITEC, a local Wine Research Center. During his attempt to transmit his music in the flavor of wine, he has had the support of winemaker Marta Ferré.


L’Institut Municipal Reus Cultura, conjuntament amb el pianista i compositor Lluís Capdevila, han creat una programació de música estable anomenada Reus Jazz Cava a l’espai del Centre Cultural El Castell.

El regidor de Cultura i Política Lingüística, Daniel Recasens, ha explicat que “aquest projecte neix amb la voluntat de tenir una programació estable durant tot l’any i recuperar el pol d’atracció cultural de la ciutat ahora que agafem el camí de la tradició jazzística de Reus”.

La capital del Baix Camp ha estat un referent de la música jazz durant els darrers quaranta anys. Amb el suport de l’Ajuntament i un públic que omplia els teatres Fortuny i Bartrina, fins i tot ha arribat a gaudir d’un festival internacional de jazz propi. Lluís Capdevila explica que “l’empremta del jazz a Reus és encara un símbol arrelat a la ciutat. No obstant, l’absència d’un dels seus principals impulsors, Jaume Juan Magrinyà, suposà un daltabaix per a l’Associació Amics del Jazz de Reus que ell havia presidit”. Anys més tard arribà el final del seu Keyboard Jazz Lounge, on s’hi havien fet les conegudes jam-sessions mensuals on músics d’arreu, també locals, feien enlairar l’ambient musical. Des d’aleshores, una parròquia fidel a aquesta música havia quedat òrfena d’aquesta proposta cultural.

Reus Jazz Cava neix des d’aquesta tradició musical per a bastir la programació cultural estable de ciutat i ho fa en un escenari idoni, el Centre Cultural El Castell, on el tercer dijous de cada mes de les 19:30 h a les 21:30 h s’hi faran aquests vespres de jazz gratuïts (amb reserva prèvia per tal de complir amb les mesures sanitàries decretades arran de la COVID19) per a tots els públics, amb la direcció artística de Lluís Capdevila, que hi ha instal·lat el seu piano de cua. La seva aposta consisteix en un concert breu (40 minuts) seguit d’una jam-session perquè hi puguin participar músics de l’escena local. No obstant, la prudència sanitària actual, aconsella que les primeres actuacions consisteixin en un concert de més durada.

La programació s’inaugura el 15 d’abril amb un concert del director artístic amb seu trio internacional: Petros Klampanis (contrabaix) i Luca Santaniello (bateria). Continuarà durant els següents mesos amb músics com Joana Cebolla, Ignasi González, Roger Gutiérrez, Gianni Gagliardi, Esteve Pi, Marc Cuevas, Genís Bagès, Joan Motera o Carlos Falanga, entre molts d’altres. Capdevila tindrà un paper actiu al piano durant l’arrencada i anirà canviant els músics a cada concert. A mesura que la proposta es consolidi hi programarà seccions rítmiques dirigides per pianistes, guitarristes i altres músics reconeguts de l’escena local i del país.

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